Hi there! Here's How Your Commission Payments Are Calculated!

 “How Much Money Would You Like Me To Begin Paying Into Your Bank Account Every Month… When I launch these books?

(NOTE: Because the MORE CASH you want, the happier I’ll be, as I intend on giving you…

You'll get £5,550 ($8,816)  If You Sell 100 Books

You'll get £55,500 ($88,160) If You Sell 1,000 Books

Or You'll get £277,500 or ($440,800)If You Sell 5,000 Books!

Sell 5,672 books and you'll pocket


Impossible?... Well...


Chicken Soup for the soul 165,000,000 books sold so far..
Think & Grow Rich 30,000,000 books sold so far...
Rich Dad Poor Dad 28,000,000 books sold so far...
The Secret 19,000,000 books sold so far...
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 15,000,000 books sold so far...


Still doubt it... Well Simon sold 1,951 copies of my first book. This was from a mailing list of 65 - 70k of business opportunity seekers. And this was for a niche product of a UK property investment book (Real Estate book).


3 reasons why this will perform...

#1 Firstly the market for this book is not restricted to the UK and not restricted to property investment. The market for this is self-help, personal development, self improvement, mindset etc. The market is anyone who is interested in improving their lives. This has been shown to be 15 - 30% of the book buying public... I.e. It is a MASSIVE market. And whatever niche your mailing list is in, this will work for them.


#2 Secondly the product is non-conflicting & books sell more than make money products. People buy books & have them on the shelf without seeking as many refunds. So a make money product may market that the average sale is worth $49... However, the number of purchasers will be down as there are only so many make money products people will buy. Whereas, if there's a new book out or you hear it recommended by someone then a lot of people just buy now to read later. So the buzz will grow fast, and you'll want to have been the one who recommended it first.


#3 Lastly, a $97 business opportunity product will experience anything from 15 - 65% refund rate. Averaging around 30%. Now despite offering a full money back guarantee my last book had less than 2% refund rate. And that was for a product which went against the grain for many. With this currently there are zero refunds on the book and I expect the long term refunds to be less than half of 1%.


It should be noted that my best JV Partner from my previous book and website launch earned well over £100k… and if the property market hadn't fallen apart then he would still be earning money today)

In fact, to be more specific… and to prove I’m not just saying this for effect… I recently had the complete records pulled up of my last, best JV Partners sales on my previous book launch, to demonstrate to you… Exactly HOW MUCH MONEY that can be made on this deal, and the REASON WHY this book launch may be even more profitable than last time…


In the 1st 12 months on book sales and membership site continuity payments alone Simon Coulson (my last, best JV partner) was paid £43,834.77 ($69,938.75)
He sold 1,473 books in the first 12 months
The average book sale with up sells and continuity payments in the first 12 months was £29.76 ($47.87)
In the next 19 months he sold a further 478 books but generated £26,182.08 ($41,773.38)
The average book sale for these 19 months then jumped to £54.77 ($87.75) which was because of the continuity program
Over the full 31 months of me keeping that site running he was paid £70,016.85 ($111,712.12)
So based on book sales to commission each book he sold was worth £35.88 ($57.44) in commission to him

This was paid for the following products

A £20 ($31.91) book £4.94 commission

A £39.75/mth ($63.42) membership £9.94 commission

The one time offer annual membership of £247 ($394.09) £61.75 commission
Simon had a biz opp list of circa 60 - 70K of UK biz opp seekers

There was also another significant commission earned from my pervious company which were £33,651.64 ($53,691.19). This is obviously not available on this launch… Which when added on took the average book sale value to £53.14 ($84.79)

Simon received in total sales commission £103,680.49 ($165,422.22)

But with THIS Book launch here…

YOU Will Have All This:-


A higher priced front end book set £30 to £40 - ($47.87 - $63.82)
An audio book selling for £30 to £40 - ($47.87 - $63.82) now, more later

A £37.50/mth membership ($59.83)

The one time offer of annual membership of £247 ($394)
A webinar course to be created within the first 12 months to site members which will probably sell for £197 ($314) to £247 ($394)
A video course which will probably sell for £197 ($314) to £247 ($394)
Lifetime cookies on the opt-ins

Here are the stat's from a test promotion I did with Simon last week:-

Remember these stats will improve significantly over the first 33 days

And here’s the MATHEMATICAL BREAKDOWN of how your payments are worked out:

(If you don’t like maths, then ignore this!)

Okay, so If you sell 100 books. You would get £9 - £12 (average of £10.50/book set) £1,050 from those book sales ($1,675).

Here’s how that works out…

First of all the books sell at £30 - £40 each right? (Depending on if they take the discount offer to become a member)

And since you’re getting paid an average of £10.50. So 10.5 times your hundred sales would be £1,050 correct? (I apologise for being so simplistic, but it just avoids confusion in the long run…)

Now Here’s How Your Payments Begin To Rapidly

…. Grow Grow And Grow!

…  Currently 24.6% of all book buyers also buy the Audio version of the books as well. And you’ll be paid an average of £10.50 on all these sales too. (So 24.6 audio sales will pay you an extra £258.30 which then gives you a total of £1,308.30… ($2,087.39)

And that’s only the start!

Because you’ll also be paid on the customers that join the “Abugfreemind.com membership website. Currently membership is virtually free for 90 days (£1.00), and then goes to £37.50 (So your commission would work out to £11.25 ($17.95)),

…And with 70% of people staying on the site for an average of 5 months previously it means you’ll get 11.25 x 0.70 x 5 = 39.38 x 100 = £3,938 ($6.283.08)

Which means you can expect to receive £5,246.30 ($8,370.47) for 100 book sales customers, or £52.46 ($83.70) per book buyer

And remember that’s without the other two products, I mentioned to be included as an up sell which is expected to be priced in the region of £197 to £255, and which you’ll ALSO be getting a £59.10 commission on!

So that will be another extra £59.10 ($94.29) in your pocket for each of them every time. 
(And I am expecting at least a 5% uptake on those upsell products. So that’ll add another £5.90 to the overall buyer value bringing the total to £58.36 ($93.11) per book buyer.
Think about it…
 All this money… just for recommending a £30 book!

And that does not count the increased value your subscribers will now be worth to you, once their minds are bug free, and they are finally able to create success with your products – and stop refunding… Which should dwarf those sums!

And it also does not count the profit you will be making by having your opt in product inside my membership site, or on my Thank you page.

“Now we all know that with most membership sites, people CANCEL their subscription after 90 days don’t they?


 …So why am I SO SURE my site is



Well first of all this isn’t my first membership site. From 2006-2009 I had a long running membership site with 1,750+ members. (www.AndyShaw.com) And the average retention on that site was nearly 5 months following on from the FREE period!

…Which proves I have a successful track record of creating a membership site that is effective at keeping its members happy… and most importantly for you…keeping the cash flowing into your bank account over a longer period of time…

And I also know, from feedback I’ve had from the 600+ members on the Abugfreemind website” right now…is that the quality of CONTENT on the bug free members site is amazing… The money making ideas and support on the forums is outstanding…. And I also know that when my new ‘ A Bug Free World Software’ is released… (Which I’ll be revealing very soon.)

…It will change the whole personal development world entirely! As it's set to make designing your ideal life, as easy and fun and as downright addictive as facebook.  So the user retention on this website is going to be HUGE…


NOTE: As you know this is all just a rough guide. Your results will depend entirely on the size of your list, the relationship you have with your list and what sort of products your list is used to.

If your list is used to personal development, biz op, make money products then you should do well. The current optin rate is 18%, however, we expect that to be around 23 - 25% after testing to warm JV traffic. The initial take up of the book from optin is 15.73%, however, we expect this to exceed 23% within 35 days of optin. This is with targeted traffic that know they are looking at a book.

Cold traffic will probably convert at approximately 3% optin and 15 – 20% to actual sales (currently being tested) but they are only estimates from previous experience of driving 100,000 ppc visitors/month in a competitive niche.

So as you can see, you stand to get PAID A LOT OF MONEY. You can see I have the track record... an amazing product... an offer that's converting like gangbusters, a lot of the strongest internet marketers are already 100% committed to promoting these books... So the ONLY thing left for you to do now is to click the button below and SIGN UP to get your share of the cash.

Look your customers are going to love you for promoting this book to them... and they will return that favour, by rewarding you with lifelong sales and loyalty!

...PLUS along with the money you'll make upfront by promoting, remember I'll also be giving you 100% access to my ENTIRE buyers list, by slapping your banner ad for your product, directly on my THANK YOU PAGE, so you can harvest my buyers...and make even more money, over the long haul... So the more I succeed.. The more YOU will too!

I look forward to working with you,



"Andy Is Such A Phenomenal Teacher!"


Andrew Leedham


"...An awesome read"


Andy Sacker


"This is truly different."

This book is amazing. It really is different to what I've read before and I've done a lot of sole searching and personal development. This is truly different.

Steve Skowryski


"Thank You For Sharing Your Knowledge Andy!"

 I have already started telling people that the day I read it was the day I knew my life would change and believe me, from where I come from, for people to think a book can change your life is a leap of faith.” - 

Paul Heaton


"I'm committed to reading these 5 chapters over and over and keeping a diary of what I'm learning and experiencing!!!

"Like you I've spent a lot of time and money on personal development programs and continuous learning... only to find that there is still something missing...something that I'm not grasping. I LOVE your step by step process of clearing my mind of the bugs... I can't wait to get my hands on the complete set of books and to once and for all be FREE. Until then I'm committed to daily practice and reading the 5 chapters over and over and keeping a diary of what I'm learning and experiencing!!!"

Thanks Andy,  wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

Wendy Dejong - Alto, USA






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